Getting Pulled Over by the Police in Baja: Know your Rights


Getting Pulled Over by the Police in Baja: Know your Rights

Opening Season

Bajarentals opening day is October 1st 2018. Come & Enjoy!

Camarones en Aguachile (Chile Water Shrimp)

New category. Each month Bajarentals will show case recipes of the local area. Yum!  Difficulty: Not Too Tricky Shrimp cooked in lime juice and chiles serranos. The perfect appetizer for your next outdoor party! Camarones en Aguachile literally translates to “shrimp in chile water.” The water in this case is fresh lime juice blended with…

Obsidian in Baja California, Mexico

Great article for those interested in projectile points.

Driving Back to the U.S. with Pets

Will my pets have to be quarantined when returning to the US from Mexico? Generally speaking, dogs and cats will NOT be quarantined as long as they are healthy and have the required paperwork to enter the US. However, according to the Pets and Wildlife Division of US Customs, all domestic pets once taken out…