Good Grief!

The season is almost here.  The phone is ringing, people are checking availability and we just booked a house for Thanksgiving.  I guess Franco better start packing the truck and get ready to head south to open the houses, sweep out the sand and oil up the fishing gear. 

Word from our “full time” friends is that the weather is already great and and there were only a few weeks that were beastly hot.  That being said, the fishing is predicted to be fabulous this fall.  So for all you anglers out there, book your fishing trip now and start tuning up your gear. 

As always, we’re looking forward to our return to paradise as well as seeing our annual regulars.  Every year also gives us the opportunity to meet new guests, who most assuredly will become part of our extended Baja family.  New and repeat alike, we can’t wait to see you this season.