Opening Up the Houses

Well, here we are entering into the 2010/2011 Baja season, and we have so many new things to tell you.  As the heat and humidity recede from the San Felipe region, Franco is packing the truck & trailer and getting ready to head south for our first tenants of the Baja vacation season.  But that doesn’t mean we were on holiday all summer, we’ve been working our tails off to bring you more of an offering for your Rancho Percebu and San Felipe vacations.

First off, we’ve modified our pricing structure.  It was our goal to bring you more for less, while maintaining the atmosphere, ambiance and charm we’ve always offered to our guests.

Second (and most importantly) we’ve updated our website.  That’s right, we’re sporting a whole new look and feel on the web.  We wanted to make sure you could easily find the information you were looking for, while highlighting everything Baja Rentals has to offer.

Lastly, we’ve added the Baja Blog to our site.  In our blog we’ll be posting items of interest, news, pictures, notices, and general information about the area.  Check back with us online occasionally to see what might be there that is of interest.

We hope you’ve had a great summer and plan on coming to visit us this season.  Be sure to book your stay soon as the Holidays are rapidly filling up and we have limited availability.

As always, we’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us back an email or comment on the post; let us know how you’re doing.  Any input from you on how we can improve our offering is greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,
Lauren & Franco Cremascoli

Proprietors, Baja Rentals