The Dogs Were Found!

The heart and soul of the people of Baja amaze me.  We had a couple of dogs we were watching for some friends wander off on their own a get lost a couple days ago.  With a coordinated effort both north and south of the border, we organized a search, hit the Tweeter-sphere, posted to blogs, hit the online forums and plastered flyers throughout the nearby towns.  We talked to local radio and other media outlets in San Felipe and mobilized a small army to find the lost members of our “pack.”

Our concern was that the dogs separated from ours, who know the area better, and had either wandered into the desert or been picked up and spirited away.  Either way the prospects seemed bleak though we maintained hope and prayed for a favorable outcome.  We searched the desert, combed the beaches and let everyone we came in contact with know we were looking for a couple of lost dogs.  Our neighbors lent a helping hand and the whole community pitched in to search and get the word out. As the hours passed and the days mounted we became more and more distraught.

Yet with the use of all this technology, the fact of the matter was we are in a remote and rustic area where things just don’t move that fast.  But, we know we can count on our neighbors and our community, which is one of the most appealing aspects of our little corner of Baja.  The people here, both local and ex-pat, are amazing!  Even in the darkest of hours we held out hope because those around us supported the endeavor.  Then, when one old fisherman, who we’d run into on our initial search for the dogs a couple days ago, came across them on a bluff at the edge of the desert, he collected them and, at some expense to himself, made the trek to let us know he had them.  He didn’t know of a reward, he probably didn’t even know such a monumental search had been mounted, he just did what a good neighbor would do, he reached out and helped a member of his community.

To that end, the dogs are back and no worse for the wear.  Tails are wagging and we are all breathing a sigh of relief.

Thanks to everyone for your help and support.