The Fishing is GREAT!!!

Before I get to the fishing, let me tell you a little about the weather and shrimping right now.  Every year I look forward to opening up the houses for the new season because each year is an adventure.  Tonight I’m sitting here looking out over the Sea of Cortez with a light warm breeze rustling through weathered palm fronds over the palapa.  On the water the ponga’s are out shrimping, the weather is perfect, and the tranquil evening is soothing.

In town shrimp is selling for $12 to $15 dollars a kilo. The shrimpers are pulling in quite a harvest, so we’re eating well around here. There is a bounty in our local waters, and the fishermen and shrimpers are taking full advantage of it.

For us, this past weekend was amazing on the water.  I caught two of the largest corbina I’ve ever seen. Between them, I have over forty pounds of filet’s.  But that’s not all, a neighbor of mine pulled in over fifty fish in two hours.  The fishing is, dare I say, off the hook!

If you are a fisher, the time is ripe for a trip to Baja Rentals!  And as always, I look forward to seeing you.