What is there to do, once I get to San Felipe?

There are plenty of things to do here to keep you busy. During the winter is an ideal time to go out and explore the deserts. We recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a GPS for navigation. Be back in town before dusk! There are wonderful fossil beds and abandoned mines to see as well as waterfalls and pools for swimming at the base of the mountains to our west. The basic route to get there is along the Saltito road through the El Dorado ranch about 5 miles north of town (used to be called the Zoo Road). This road has now been made private for residents only (January 2007) and you should use the road closer to town, at the edge of the El Dorado property, next to the San Felipe Storage Company building. It is signposted “Colonia Morelia”. Allow one hour for the trip out to the foothills; take plenty of water and have a picnic. Note that the terrain on the way to the foothills can be very dusty – you will likely be crossing dry lake beds and the surface is a very fine silt. The best vehicles for crossing such ground are the local dune buggies. If you have a heavy SUV be very cautious and carry a spade and some matting in case you get stuck. In the summer, you will want to stay very close to the sea and take it easy. A windsurfer or Hobie can be a wonderful way to relax for a day and many people bring down Skidoos and small boats. There is a free launch ramp on the south side of the harbor. Kitesurfing is becoming very popular – the best season for this is November through March when we have strong northerly winds. You can find other things to do by looking at a fishing charter or rent an atv. (We recommend Discovering-Baja Tours)
*Note: Shopping can be interesting – there are good deals to be had on Mexican blankets, pottery, Tee-shirts, hats and Mexican art. Food shopping is excellent. The same brands you would find north of the boarder. A good idea to pack light on certain items and pick them up in town when you arrive in San Felipe.